Hip Dac 2 flipping again from enhanced stream to lossless and back

Roon Core Machine

Mac book Air M1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

xfinity high speed

Connected Audio Devices

Hip Dac 2

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Had this problem once before. Rebooting the Mac seemed to help then, but not now. Constant, disturbing flipping between lossless and enhanced paths. Using (trying to use MQA). Ridiculous. Doesn’t happen again on either the Tidal app or Audirvana Studio.

Seems to be only on one album. Paul Desmond Bossa Antigua MQA. Why would that be? The album works fine on other streamers.

Richard, a few questions that may help us.

  • Is the Hip DAC 2 connected via USB to your Mac Core?
  • Is the Hip DAC 2 configured in Exclusive mode under Settings → Audio?
  • Do you have multiple copies of the Paul Desmond album in your library, maybe on MQA and one not MQA?

Yes to 1 and 2. No to question 3. USB C to Mac.

Album working now. Don’t know what the problem was. Go figure.

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