History browser - invert display order

In the Queue browser, tracks are listed with the earliest time at the top.
In the History browser, tracks are listed with the latest time at the top.

I sometimes want to add recent tracks from History to a Playlist, but the order in which the tracks were played are inverted.
Also, if the History browser had the most recently played track at the bottom, the History and Queue, “taken together”, form a rational chronological list (apart from the currently playing track)

I would not like to see the history list inverted by default, for me went I want to view history … it’s the tracks that I have recent being playing that I want to see. Though having each heading on the history browser clickable to sort / invert would be cool feature.

Now, what I would support is that when tracks are selected form history and added to a playlist (or a queue) they are added in chronological order, thus they will play in the order they where original played it.

I hope this change would be a win-win and keep us (and others) happy.

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I didn’t explain myself clearly. In the History view, I also want the most recently played track displayed - at the bottom. You then scroll to see the tracks way in the past.

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After Roon 1.4 and the new Queue functionality, which includes player, current and future tracks in one timeline, this Feature Request is obsolete.