History export (not the files, simply the names)

In a previous thread from two years ago

It says that you can view the history, select all, hit the …, hit export and export to excel

but on my Mac (1.5/build 323), when I see this

All export does is offer to send all the FILES to a folder.

Am I missing something?


In those years, things have changed I suspect. While Export to Excel is not in History, it is in the Queue. See screen pic, drop down on the right off the 3 dot menu.

However, I agree that being able to export History would be a good thing. I can move this to Feature Request if you want.

thanks for clarifying.

it works beautifully, EXCEPT, instead of showing me the thousands and thousands of tracks I’ve listened to over the years, it shows me 105.

Which isn’t very helpful.

Thread necro.

I’m surprised there’s no functionality to export the history metadata to Excel.

Any particular reason this has been omitted?

I want to search my history (so I can give ANOTHER example of a Tidal album that has been deleted from my library, but is still on Tidal under a new UID), but there’s no way to do it, or even sort the columns that are displayed.

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I would really love to get an export of my history.