History is blank sometimes, rebooting app resolves issue

Sometimes the History displays blank mid-session, but shutting down and restarting the app causes it to be displayed again.

Hi @Mike_B,

Can you please provide some more information here?

  • What is your Core model/manufacturer and your operating system?
  • What actions are you performing when this behavior occurs?
  • Does it only happen after navigating to a specific area of the app or switching profiles, ect?
  • What are the exact Roon Remote you are using (if applicable)?
  • Does this same behavior occur across multiple Roon Remotes?


I’m using a Nucleus+. This has happened on the Mac OS App on a MacBook Pro (2016), and the iOS app on both an iPhone XS and 2019 IPad Pro.

It occurs after several hours of uninterrupted listening both from my library and Qobuz. I have not been able to detect any particular pattern.

Hi @Mike_B,

Thanks for letting me know that additional info. Can you please let me know the exact local time + date in your country of when this behavior next occurs (e.g. 6:18PM on 6/13/19)?

It would be interesting to note what exactly you are doing right before the issue occurs, are you just opening the Roon app when it occurs or is it after using it for some time (and browsing/selecting music)?

When the issue occurs, do all of your Roon Remotes display the same behavior at the same time or do just some of them show this behavior?

Can you share a screenshot of how the history page looks like when this issue occurs? You can upload screenshots to this site by using these instructions.

Thanks. I’ll keep track of the circumstances and let you know. It could be that the problem is preceded by executing a search, but I’ll check this out.

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Hi Mike_B, I’ve had this happen to me quite regularly. I’ve found that although very occasionally it just happens and that (as you say) restarting the app solves the problem almost instantly. Most often though, it happens to me when Roon is doing something (spinner is spinning in top right of UI). The history eventually appears. Hope this helps.

Hi @crom,

Thanks for sharing your experience here. Can you let me know what kind of Core + Roon Remotes you are using in your setup? When this issue occurs are you on the History page already and shortly after it shows up as empty? Are you doing anything imminently before the blank page appears?

Hi Noris,

I’ve have identified the pattern: Selecting a number of tracks on the iPhone app (which doesn’t have a History) and then moving to the Mac OS App (with the iPhone App still open) will cause the History to display as blank. Once this has happened, it doesn’t matter what you do on the Mac OS App (select and play tracks from storage or Qobuz, navigate, execute searches etc.), the History will continue to be empty until you restart the App.

The problem recurs in the same manner (twice today), but is not 100% reproducible - I’ve tried several times now and haven’t been able to make it recur.



Screenshot 2019-06-30 at 15.42.56.png

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