History - life before Feb 6 doesn't exist (in date terms)

Yes, weirdly, I was looking for specific date range that far back…

I have a bug report being looked at currently of missing history.

Since that report I have noticed loads of gaps particularly with Tidal tracks (but not limited to them)

Hopefully History will get a big revamp sooner rather than later.


@Sloop_John_B, we were able to reproduce your case, it is with the dev team :wink:

@hifi_swlon, can you give us more details here:

  • What is your setup ?
  • Have you tried to restart the core/remote, did it help ?

Thanks guys.

Restarted both. No dice. The history’s there past this date, the date just doesn’t display. The last visible date changes as the queue grows, so maybe a track limitation?

OS X 10.9.5 Roon server
iPad retina MGLW2B/A 9.3.3
Latest Roon builds.

Weird bug. I can reproduce too, @hifi_swlon – thanks for the report.

We’ll get a ticket written up.

This is fixed for the next release guys. Thanks again for the report @hifi_swlon!

No problem. And that was quick!

But thanks really go to my little boy (while in the womb). I was trying to collate the main things we played for him before he joined us in the world. Will await the next release!