History of clipping events

@support, Is there a way to view a history of clipping events?
When setting up PEQ and upsampling I generally check the clipping indicator to make sure that there are no immediate issues, but it’s not something I am continually looking at.
Some tracks will be fine and others might clip and I’d like to be able to review a period of time to check for clipping without having to look out for the red indicator visually.


Hello @jayrammusic and thanks for letting us know why a feature like a history of clipping events would be useful to you.

This is not currently possible in Roon, this is why I’ve moved your thread into our #Feature Request category where it’ll get the attention it needs :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

+1 for me, too!

Used Daphile until two years ago, where I was able to check a clipping counter from time to time in order to adjust accordingly, but it didn’t have a live clipping indicator, though…


For me, it doesn’t have to be a history: the clipping indicator should just stay on so I know that clipping occured sometime in the past. The indicator could then reset to normal when I click it.

Additionally, we could imagine an option where Roon automatically increases the headroom each time clipping occurs, let’s say in steps of 0.5 dB. Just an idea.