History page on the Ipad is blank

When I access the history page on my Ipad pro its almost always blank, I have to force close Roon and restart
the program to get the page to load. When I access the page on the server running Core it`s not a problem.

I`m running build 147 on both the Ipad and Windows 64 core.

Any ideas please?

I played some music last night, looked in history, and it showed history started 3 days ago. Same configuration: 147, 64-bit.

Went to another device (Surface), it shows history for last night that is partially correct, but some tracks are missing. Does a track get recorded to history if okay is interrupted? (There was a discussion of how play count is tracked.)

Hmm, history doesn’t show zone, or client device used. Is the history per zone? I selected different zones, history does not change.

Overall, history seems broken.

@Fredrik – thanks for the report. I think we found a bug here, and we’re investigating now. Sorry for the trouble.

History is per user, meaning whichever profile was active when the music was selected.

Any chance the devices you mentioned were set to a different profile, either when you originally played the music, or when you were browsing history? If not, we’ll have a deeper look here, @AndersVinberg.

Nope, only one profile.

@mike – deepest apologies. I just found that there is another profile on the system, I created one a long time ago just to test the behavior. So ignore my error report. I don’t know that the profile was a cause of the behavior, but it is certainly possible, so ignore until I can repro.

Again, sorry to waste your time.

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