History, ratings and backups have vanished after Roon 2.0 update

Roon Core Machine

ROCK with 256GB memory card
7628 albums, 99.9% classical, stored on a separate desktop server 8TB.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

94087 tracks

Description of Issue

I updated to Roon 2.0 yesterday, and installed Roon ARC on my 2 iPhone 12’s. Both Roon Remote and Roon ARC appear to work properly with respect to selecting and playing my music, or at least I haven’t discovered any problems in that regard yet.

I set up a queue of 4 albums last night and played the queue this morning. I erased the queue after it finished playing. I didn’t check for any problems at that time.

This evening when I click History, Roon responds with “You haven’t played anything yet.” I didn’t look at my album ratings since the update until this evening. It only shows 76 albums with ratings. Before the update I had about 90% of my albums rated; the ratings have vanished.

If this is a bug, it urgently needs fixing.

Is my data gone? I have a backup scheduled for every 4 days. When I browse to find backups, it can’t find anything.

Needless to say I am not very pleased with these developments.

Problem solved. This is related to users. I had added my husband as a new user; where there used to be only one user (me), now there are at least two. When I went into Roon Remote and clicked myself as the user (i.e. identified who the user of this session was), everything came back.

I think your messages could be made a little clearer. Perhaps even adding “no user selected” or something about “user needed” to the “You haven’t played anything yet” message would have clued me in.

You may close this ticket.

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