Holiday music STILL gets played [Investigating]

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Is it too much to ask that when you pick a genre such as jazz or vocals that a Christmas song won’t end up playing? My wife has given up and now uses the Sonus app. This is looking like an expensive experiment for me: bought and set up an ROCK, bought and set up a Raspberry Pi as an endpoint and bought a years subscription. This is ridiculous.

We’re investigating this one – we have long had a rule that prevented holiday music outside of December but we think a bug may have been introduced over the last few months.

@RoonQA is investigating and this isn’t expected, or being ignored.

We appreciate the feedback @Mark_McKelvey – thanks for letting us know.

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Hi, @Mark_McKelvey , sorry for a late reply here. We are investigating this issue at the moment. Could you, please, give some examples which track/album/artist was used to start radio when holiday music was included in the Roon Radio selection?

Also, there is a way you can give radio feedback. In case you skip a track selected by Roon Radio, there will be a feedback form, you can click on “I do not like this track” option, which allows you to specify the reason why:

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 1.32.56 PM

Just pick “Holiday Music” option.

Apologies for troubles.


It usually happens when you use browse>genres>easy listening> then choosing an artist like Chris Botti. We never get that dialog box on our android phones to remove or skip an upcoming song and tell Roon why. I’ve only seen that dialog box when using my PC.

Thank you for the reply, @Mark_McKelvey . As for feedback dialog on mobile. Unfortunately, we have a bug here and it will be fixed soon, so this feedback form will be become available for mobile again.


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