Holiday music still in the mix when choosing Easy Listening (including sub genres) and Jazz

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When will Holiday songs still playing bug be addressed?

When my wife chooses easy listen or jazz genres on our Sonus Christmas songs are still mixed in. She stopped using the Roon app and was using the Sonus app for a few weeks but today she gave it another try.


Hey @Mark_McKelvey,

Sorry to hear holiday :christmas_tree: music starts playing when you don’t want it to! We’d love to help, even if this reply comes so much later than we had hoped - I am very sorry about that :pleading_face:

Could you please share a bit more information about the issue you’re experiencing?
*Are you playing music from live radio, local files or a streaming service?
*Are you playing music from playlists?
*Are you and your wife using Roon from different profiles?

Thanks in advance :pray:

If you look at the previous posts you will find that I already answered most of these questions. No playlists. Separate profiles. Very buggy trying to delete these Christmas songs and get the “why are you removing” “it’s holiday music” dialog boxes on my pc. Deleted probably 10 songs from upcoming songs and previous songs in the queue. Then I gave up. Am I the only one having this problem?

As you can see Roon Radio picked this song. It’s worse now than it has ever been.

Hey @Mark_McKelvey,

I’m so sorry for having missed the information you had shared before I even asked any questions. I appreciate you following up with the details anyway :pray:

I’ve moved this thread into our technical team’s queue - they will have much more insight into this than I do and will be able to suggest next steps.

Please, bear with us just a little longer :bear:

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