Holst: The Planets, Op. 32 - New Release - No Show in Roon

Holst: The Planets, Op. 32, André Previn
Just Released by Warner Classics (#/label/8400) on May 9, 2019
Classical • 7 Tracks • 50m 48s

No matter what I do, I cannot get this favorited album to appear in Roon. I’ve been able to add other new releases, I’ve restarted my Roon Server, I’ve manually clicked on Sync Now, I’ve manually searched for it Roon and I looked for it in the Qobuz sidebar menu (My Qobuz).

It does appear in my Sonos - Qobuz list, as well as in the Qobiz app - which is where I added it to my favorites.

Moving to support.

I solved this problem by removing the album from Qobuz and purchasing it on HD Tracks.

I’ve divested from TIDAL… Qobuz is next.

It’s interesting that this version by Previn also doesn’t (yet) appear in the “New Releases” section of either the Qobuz app or the Qobuz section in Roon. It does show up if you search for it in the Qobuz app.

However, it has only just been released. I suspect it will show up in both places given a day or two.

Curious to know why you purchased it from HD Tracks rather than from Qobuz?

Habit, I guess. I already have an account and the downloader installed. I may switch, however, to Qobuz for purchases. I am frustrated with the metadata in HD Tracks downloads, requiring almost complete replacement for classical titles.

The Previn recording of The Planets is now showing up in Qobuz, and I’ve just successfully added it to my Library.

Hi @Krutsch,

We looked into this and found that this album and other new Qobuz releases were indeed missing from Roon. We investigated this issue with Qobuz and believe that things should now be resolved and you should be seeing these albums in Qobuz very soon if you’re not seeing them already. You have our apologies for the inconvenience here.

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^ Thanks for looking into this matter.

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