Holy Metadata, please help!

(Martin Kelly) #21

I think classical metadata is just too ‘difficult’. To do right anyway.
An opera may have sixty or seventy separate passages/tracks, over many hours. Providers of metadata should get it right. But I do pity the poor sod tasked, or even paid to enter all of this information. Correctly!

(Geoff Coupe) #22

Ah, you mean this, for example?

OK, so it’s in the queue and the Roonies will read it. And then they’ll juggle which of the feature requests gets to bubble up for implementation in the next release…

(Bjorn Levidow) #23

I had two albums with the same title and track list by the same artist, one live and one in studio, and Roon grouped them as duplicate. I have to select which one is “primary”. I effectively can’t have both of them in my library at the same time.

(Geoff Coupe) #24

I suggest you post details of these two albums in the Metadata Issues category in the forum, and ask the Roon team to get these shown as two different albums.