Home Automation w/ Nucleus & Nucleus+

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High-performance audio products and home automation have always been difficult to integrate, or at worst, totally incompatible. With Nucleus and Nucleus+ music servers, Roon solves that problem. Using our Control4 and Crestron drivers, you can now choose premium products from over 60 of the most respected brands in audio and they'll work as part of a robust whole-home audio solution.

Note The below mentioned automation modules will only work with Nucleus and Nucleus+, and not any other server running Roon.


With our two Control4 drivers, you can use Control4 to browse a Roon library on Nucleus or Nucleus+ (including files and TIDAL streams) and control devices set up as Roon zones/

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Crestron and Nucleus can be integrated with our two modules, a Crestron MediaPlayer implementation, and a variety of information available via Joins for custom interfaces.

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