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I am a Control4 and Crestron dealer and having Roon integrated in both would be fantastic! Many of our customers have large existing music libraries and it’s difficult for them to switch to only a streaming service, such as TIDAL. Having Roon would enable them to do both, while still working within their automation system!


Many thanks in advance for any responses and assistance!

I now control my entire AV system through Control4.

I’d like to be able to control Roon directly on my TV screen, using Control 4, in addition to the option of the Roon app on the iPad. Control4 currently controls everything in my AV system using IP drivers over the network.

Judging by the information in this thread, there have been vague comments made about Control4 integration for over one year.

But will it actually happen?

If so, when?

PLEASE NOTE – J River does not offer C4 integration. It would be a major marketing advantage for Roon if you offer C4. C4 has tens of thousands of clients with AV systems. If a future customer has C4 and is told by his C4 dealer that “Roon works very well and has full integration with C4. JRiver does not” – the decision to install Roon and not even consider JRiver will be automatic.


Another vote for a Control4 driver from me! I’d sign up to Roon instantly if this was developed.


@brian, any updates on this Roon integration?

Are there any plans to integrate with Savant?

Check out the recent release of Nucleus / Nucleus+ supported Control4 and Crestron modules.

Hey danny, are there any plans to expand this to ROCK’s at some point?

Or is this planned to only be a Nucleus exclusive?

Nucleus only at the moment. It’s really meant for custom installers. The more DIY systems that have a less involved install will be available on Roon.

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Absolutely crushed to learn that Control4 integration is only for the Nucleus. :frowning:

Hi @danny. Can you help clarify what the above means? Thanks.

iPort to start

What does iPort mean? I feeling kinda stupid here @danny. :crazy_face: I’m not understanding either of your last two posts. What does this mean in terms of Roon integration with a Control4 system? Thanks!

it means you need a Nucleus for the module to work. The integration is built into Nucleus, and not directly into Roon. Same goes for Crestron.

I hope over time end users of this automation integration can share exactly how and/or what they are automating.

In my mind I am thinking (as an example) of turning on the house lights and the music system turns on and starts playing music automatically.

Or maybe motion sensor integration so when you walk into the room music starts playing. Or integration with sensors along your hallway so that the music follows you around the house (if you have multizone endpoints setup)

That’s all in my mind but I don’t really know what is possible right now.

But I also imagine capabilities will get even more interesting over time, so hopefully end users (and the Roon Team) can share their use cases as we go along.

Does that mean it needs a Nucleus to run as the driver code is checking for one? I’m confused as to why this driver wouldn’t work with any system technically other than someone engineering it not to do so.

If it’s for commercial reasons as this driver cost money to develop then I have no problem with that in the slightest.

However I would like to understand if this is the reason or it’s a technical one.

Thanks for bearing with me @danny. So, is what you are saying that…

Roon will be adding integration with DIY home automation systems that will work any Roon Core device (e.g. PC, NUC, MAC, NAS)?

And iPort will be the first of these DIY home automation systems that Roon will support?

And that Control4 will never work with any Roon Core setup other than Nucleus?

@Danny Could you please explain us what’s the difference between the Core in nucleus and the other cores? I’m really not understanding the difference and why the Crestron module should work only with Nucleus, other that an hardcoded check for the type of core linked to the RonnSystem library.


Same question from me 5 days ago but from a Control4 perspective… I can’t beleve the nucleus hardware would have any bearing on the functionality of the drivers other than the software being written intentionally to do so.

This unfortunately appears like it’s being used to boost the sales of the nucleus. I don’t necessarily have an issue with that as after all this is a business but I’d rather someone be open and honest about it.

I believe this should stay within the realm of Nucleus for one simple reason.Integration requires consistency. Self installed software has far too many variables to work well. The Nucleus ecosystem can be maintained. I don’t believe this is intended to drive hardware sales as there is no real profit on hardware. The tech support that would be required to handle every ecosystem would be insane.

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Maybe in my lifetime I will see the likes of …

Siri/Alexa/Google, tell my wife to slip into something more comfortable, tell roon to play some barry white in the spa pool area, set the lights down looooow and open the garage as ill be home in 20 mins.

I think Nucleus is ideal as a stable platform but I would hope that to extend to NUC/ROCK deployments too (not sure why it wouldn’t based on the same hardware essentially) as this is really where Roon has an uncluttered environment to remain stable and independent of the whole Windows/MacOS/Linux variants other application combinations that are typically so diverse in their installations and hardware.

Maybe there will be a home a Home Automation bridge some bright talented coder will develop to bring it all together one day. I wish I could code…but there are only so many hours in a day and none of mine have time to learn to code sadly.