Home Network Webinar

I received and invite for the best home network for Roon. The date is given as “Thursday May 20, 2022”. Thursday is the 19th. So is it Thursday or Friday?

Date being jumbled must have been a network problem on your end. You should fill out all the info on the support request so someone can help you.


The webinar is taking place on Friday 20th May. Apologies for the mix-up with the date. You can register here if you would like to attend: Webinar Registration - Zoom

Too late; didn’t register :grinning:

Will there be a presentation shared afterwards? It’s too late in the UK for me to attend.

Yikes! I feel like I’m at work now asking this question.

The webinar on 20 May is scheduled to fit with US time zones. We are running the same webinar the following Friday (27 May) at 6pm UK time if you’d like to join that one? Webinar Registration - Zoom

We are recording the webinars and making them available on our Youtube channel afterward.

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Aha! That should work. Thank you.

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