Home office active speaker recommendation

I would like to upgrade my home office system. Any speaker recommendations which are roon tested? I was looking into KEF speakers and found out, that these won‘t work well with roon. Price range would be about 1000-2500 Euro. Passive speakers plus amp plus streamer would be no alternative, since I would like to have a clean, minimalistic setup. Room is about 11 squaremeters.

Kef LS50 II are undergoing Roon Ready Certification testing, so they would probably be the best choice once Certification is through (why do you think not?). Any year now…

Î read many comments that KEF LS are not roon certified. Maybe it`s just a question of time. Thanks for your recommendation.

I can recommend the Genelec 8010A speaker.
They are near field monitors perfect for desktop use. Price is about EUR 270 / pcs.
And they are active speaker, but there is no streaming function build-in. So you need a computer or Roon bridge like RoPieee on RPi in addition.

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I personally would go KEF LS50 W2 and wait for them to be Roon ready, or alternatively, Devialet has just come out with a full new Roon ready series of Phantoms. My decision would be on sound quality only. Roon ready will come to the KEFs so that’s not a deal breaker for me.

Ok, I would really like to go the KEF-route, but the missing roon certification was a hold-back. I guess, I will wait some weeks until KEF is done with roon-certification

…or months…or years. Meanwhile bluetooth still has them sounding pretty damn good. I had some network issues last night and used bluetooth as a last resort. Still very enjoyable.

Add a 60 euros Raspberry PI and you are sorted, could that work for you ?

FYI, I’m in the same boat … looking for bedroom/office speakers. Torn between LSX (but I guess a Meta version might come soon), the wireless II (a bit pricy) or the Klipsch The Fives (wish I could hear them myself).

You can Chromecast to Kef LS50wii from Roon, I believe. That would be better quality than Bluetooth.
Once certified, they’ll pop up as a proper endpoint, as well as a Chromecast one.

I would get a Chord Mojo and a pair of ILoud MTMs. Well within budget and probably near perfect nearfield setup for the price.

Ps… currently using Mojo and ILoud Micros here. Brill setup.

Naim Mu-so or the smaller and cheaper Mu-so Qb

Both Roon Ready

Yeah, MuSo Qb is nice, already got two of them, but for the office desk I would prefer a stereo setup and the MuSo would be too big for my desk.

just bought the KEF LS 50 Wireless 2. Will use a burn-in-signal for the next three days while on vacation and then (hopefully) enjoy them. Build quality is excellent

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I’m sure you will. I’m listening to my older version at the moment and, even though they’re not as good as my ‘proper’ set up, they’re good for the money and very good when set up right

Congrats !

Are they on stands on on a desk or something ? What stops me as an office setup is their size, for me I think the LSX will fit better next to a screen.

Currently they are placed on a desk. I ordered a pair of Isoacoustic Aperta stands to arrive next week. Sound is great, but they spreaded really bad smell during the first five days from some sort of chemicals.