Home Page vs. Overview

It strikes me that a Home page is different from Overview. While Overview addresses a number of things, it is not customized to the user or the user’s commonly visited pages in any way.

This thought came up while reviewing the thread on “How do you keep your system simple to use?”

My thought was that I Tag all of the content my wife likes so that it is easy to find and play. However, my comment would have had to include “now if only I can make that a button on a page that opens just for her”

So the idea is that each user profile could have its own home page. Buttons for selected bookmarks rather than that pull-down menu (because my wife would never use the pull-down or even remember what it means), and whatever else is relevant to that user. New additions brought in under that profile. Concert dates for top artists represented in the library (meh) or by play count for that user profile (better).

Current overview is not very exciting to visit. All it really does is bridge the user to new additions to the library. This is a wasted opportunity. I suggest a page that is truly home for the user.


This is a great idea. I’d love to see a button able to represent:

  • a playlist
  • an album
  • a bookmark
  • a track
  • a tag
  • an artist/composer
  • a genre
  • an internet radio station

Any object I would think. Maybe just in one area of the home page if Roon thinks a full customized layout would be too much to develop. I am just looking into faster entry points into where I usually live in Roon. The footer does some of that.

Come to think of it, if Roon just had a few custom assignable buttons in the footer that would be a good start.

I doubt customization is high on the priority list or it would have shown moves by now

Not being rude (much) Roon knows best …

Definitely agree with the need for a wife friendly landing page. She doesn’t like my music.

That’s up for debate. Look at the furor it took from the users to get album art back and then Lo and Behold the final product is a configurable now playing screen.

I’ll second all of the above - a user configurable homepage, or some way to configure the overview screen, would be a great addition.

I switched from Spotify to Tidal a few months ago. In Spotify I received good suggestions in the Weekly which was a weak point for me in Tidal. So the New Releases for You and Recommended is very welcome, but it takes several clicks to get to the New Releases.
I would like to see the possibility to create your own home page or at least the possibility to move the New Releases above Recently Added which is less important to me.

Hope to see some customisable buttons in the home page as well so I can quickly jump to specific pages. I know about Bookmarks. But it’s becoming a long list.
When you click show everything from New Releases you’ll get a specific page, but this one can’t be bookmarked.

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