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On the first day of the current week, the second date of the tool tip is set back to the last day of the previous week:

Roon seemingly needs the first day of any week to be completed to show the correct tool tip, minor issue, but it is noticable.

Might the way Roon handles date logic be the cause of:

Time/date handling is all very relative. Depending on where you live, the first day of week is sunday or monday and midnight maybe noon. Roon has a somewhat long history of features missing time conversion algorithms. As this is the first implementation of this feature, I wouldn’t wonder if it just uses the raw UTC timestamps to fill the graph, missing the needed transformation to local time (to get it right for the installations TZ) before doing so.

Nice catch if there is indeed an error (I live to close to GMT to notice anything in the regards I described above).

Update: Just noticed that you’re talking about the pop-up tool-tip only - so my concerns here are maybe just paranoia caused by past experiences and possibly unrelated.

I’m in the GMT (UTC+0) timezone, in fact, just a few miles from the Prime meridian (Greenwich) line! So no local transforms needed, at least until BST begins.

Hi @SimplicityCompass

We’ve passed this along to the team for investigation. Thanks!

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