Home screen not "Home"

Apologies for not using the template.

I realized today that when I open the Roon Application on my win11 system I am met with “My artists”

Notice no back arrow < in the top left, just >

So I hit the 3 horizontal lines and select home.

My home page. But now I have a go back arrow. But I’m home, but there is a go back arrow. Breadcrumb trails start at home no?

Thank you for letting me type at random.

The back arrow navigates to the previous viewed screen, it’s not taking you up a level.

The root of all back should be the starting page. I think we agree 100%
I think that start/landing page should be “Home”.

Mine is “My Artists”. I am unsure why my starting page wouldn’t be “home”

IIRC Roon displays the last page viewed when it is restarted.

I’m not able to check this right now, but you could try viewing a different page and bouncing Roon.


That sounds sensible.
I select Home as my page. Close my client. Give it a 5 count because I lack anything approaching patience
Restart Roon.
It does start with Home as my shown page.
It still tells me I can go back to “My Artists”

It is 100% nit picking. If it isn’t going to spawn at “home”, ok I can entirely handle that, but at the end I feel I should never be able to go back beyond my home. Why would the default not show me all the eye candy but instead have me drilled down?
I never understood marketing so there is probably a reason.

P.S. Thank you for putting the thread in the right category.

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Click the hamburger ICON in the top left corner and choose Home. I always back out of wherever I am, back to Home before closing Roon. Roon will open to the page you were on when you closed it.

He does …

But that’s not really what this discussion is about, it’s Roon’s implementation of their backward/forward navigation system.

I know Roon hate adding options, but a “restart on home page” option might give people what they expect.

For me, I’m fine with how it works today.


Thanks Carl. I can always count on you.

I do actually think that Roon really should default to Home screen every time on a restart.
Paul…maybe time for a feature request, unless one already exists that is?

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@Jim_F Ditto.

And I prefer the current behaviour of opening at the point where I left off…


I honestly couldn’t care less as Home is only a click or two away but it might be an option that could be considered.
Setting your landing page ala eBay for example?
Anyway I digress.
Back to my corner.

I was trying only to question why the furthest back I can go is My Artists.
Why not My Albums, My Tracks or My Composers all seem as logical.
Home seemed the most apt page to start on at client first boot . . .
after that last open is fine.
I feel I should never be able to click the back button and end anyplace but “Home” As stands that is not true. My Artists is where it all begins.

I think you’ll find that “My Artists” was the page that you were on when you last closed Roon.

Try navigating to another place and close Roon. Then when you open it again you should be at that place. Navigate forwards as much as you want, and when you navigate back you’ll end up at the place you had when you opened Roon…

I just tried it ,on my phone admittedly but.
If I continue pressing the back arrow I do eventually come to a halt at the Home page with no further back arrow option.
Now it could be that’s where I started from in restart but I don’t know.
But will test with a different page and shut down and restart.

That’s because the Home page was your starting point (on your phone)…

I’ve had this before many times and currently dealing with it now on my IPAD 12.9. It happened to me while I had the queue page up so that is now my home page. Starting fresh does not fix it. Only a wipe and reinstall of the roon remote will get it back to normal.

Edit: I should say that is now the beginning of the of the direction chain. I can still bring up the home page but backing up all the way goes to the queue page. Think that is where it was at when the remote crashed in the background. But still, can only get back to normal by reinstalling the remote. I’ve have a support ticket open for a long while but no one responds to it.

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There is no Back button.
This is not the “home” page.

Why is this not by default Home?
It does restart with what was last open
Home is a simple click away.

It just seemed to me, odd.

Not working like that on my phone.
I moved to my albums page.
Restarted Roon on my phone by killing the app.
It restarted on my albums page but I still had a back arrow which allowed me to go back to Home and no further.
Unless I needed to restart Roon Server and not just the Roon Remote?
Definitely curious now as never bothered investigating this before so going to restart the Server next.

Yours is what I expect. It stays where you restarted, but eventually if you hit back enough “Home” is your landing page.
Not mine, not today. I’ve rebooted everything.