Home screen not "Home"

Not working like that on my phone.
I moved to my albums page.
Restarted Roon on my phone by killing the app.
It restarted on my albums page but I still had a back arrow which allowed me to go back to Home and no further.
Unless I needed to restart Roon Server and not just the Roon Remote?
Definitely curious now as never bothered investigating this before so going to restart the Server next.

Yours is what I expect. It stays where you restarted, but eventually if you hit back enough “Home” is your landing page.
Not mine, not today. I’ve rebooted everything.

You can only go back to where you started. If you started on Home, you can go back there. If you started on artist, you can go back there. As I said before, click on hamburger and start from Home if that’s where you want to go back to.

This would be terrible after a crash. This would be terrible after going to bed at 4am, getting up the next day, and trying to remember what Roon and I did last night. The “replay” button is really valuable but only if the app starts from “live”.


Also, this is why big screens (or really high res screens) matter in Roon. If you run high enough res then the left menu is always visable which means home is a single click; always.

If you reinstall the remote it will be back to normal. Only way I found to fix it.


That’s one reason I like using a laptop…

Paul, I tried this experiment on 4 different Remotes(Android phone, Win10pc, Fire tablet and iPad mini4 and get same results on all of them.
It loads whatever page I shutdown on first, but then the back arrow always ends up back to Home eventually and stops there.
Which is what I would expect I think.

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Your behavior is exactly what I would expect.
Mine opens the last used page, hitting back eventually ends on My Artists.

I had submitted it as a support issue, but I seem to be odd person out with this behavior.

I’m not reinstalling yet, maybe someone wants logs, and it isn’t life threatening so . . .

I used to have this until some updates ago. The queue page was the place I landed on after hitting back until the start. It was annoying.
But after an update some time ago, somewhere in 2022 if I remember correctly, this never happened again. Are you on the latest build?

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I have occasionally experienced this. Reinstalling the remote worked for me, as per @Mike_LC’s advice. I also seem to recall, on another occasion, that loading my last saved back up also worked. Not quite sure why, but it did!

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I hope they get back to you. I’ve left mine broken since the support ticket was added back on Dec 6th in case support needed anything.

You may start seeing other odd behaviors.

One thing that seems to go hand in hand with this issue, at least for me on the IPAD, is the Recent activity PLAYED ADDED display gets stuck and will not switch between the options. Sometimes Added is highlighted while the Played list is displayed and sometimes the opposite. Restarting the remote will correct that for a short time but it gets stuck again. This seems to only happen when the direction chain is broken. After reinstalling the IPAD remote software Recent activity continues to works as it should until the direction chain issue happens again.

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I am more hardnosed: I have no interest in ever turning off my devices. That is dropping down a level of abstraction. I am navigating in the music library and doing things with the music. And with the musicians. What is a computer? What is a Roon server? Albums, musicians, composers, sonatas, I know all those things. I don’t want to deal with physical things.


  1. The device is never turned off so when I pick up a tablet it is still at the same place where it was last, even if that was yesterday or a month ago or a year ago.
  2. If the device is turned off for some reason, power outage or update or crash, I don’t care, I don’t need to know. It should still paint the screen as I saw it last.
  3. If you turn it off to save energy, the same behavior, when I turn it on it should look the same.

Wow. You folks like to think.


OVER Perhaps?

I do. It has only become apparent to me lately how many people find that offensive too. I recently had someone scream at me “they are done learning things”

I mentioned the odd behavior I am experiencing because I am selfish. I want the software I use daily to perform better. I now can crash Roon in a number of ways I could not previously. This was another bug that is easily documented for me.

I mentioned it and others said “hey yeah I’ve seen that too, here is the work around” If it happens once blame solar flares, it is my goto, if it happens more than once there is a reason.

If anyone wishes to point out I’m complaining about music software vs big braining a solution to world hunger, fair point.

If I were to get an audience at the U.N. I have thoughts I’d share. Which is why I’ll never be permitted onto the floor.

I grabbed a different remote for giggles.
Here is my starting page, as expected:
My Win client is still My Artists.
Just data points.

For those interested…


FWIW uninstalling the application and reinstalling it reset my landing page back to “Home”

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