Homepod (14.5) keep disappearing from Roon

Core Machine

Ubuntu 20.04 LXC (same behaviours were exhibited when virtualising ROCK) on Proxmox 6.4-5
i5-4460 (Roon allocated 4 cores)
12GB Ram (Roon allocated 3GB with 512MB Swap)

Network Details

Sky SR203 (Wi-Fi disabled, no Sky Q mesh active)
TP-Link TL-SG1024DE switch
Trendnet TEW-821DAP rev1 WAP

Audio Devices

2x Homepod (Airplay 2)
1x Homepod mini (Airplay 2)
2x Sky Q Mini box (Airplay)
1x Sky Q box (Airplay 2)
1x Marantz SR8012 (Airplay 2)
1x Shield TV (Chromecast)

Description of Issue

My HomePod devices keep disappearing from Roon, but not the iOS 14.5 airplay list. My Sky Boxes (also airplay) do not tend to exhibit this behaviour, it is rare however for the HomePod devices to show up in Roon. They do occasionally show up however that does not seem to be linked to when or after they are being played to via airplay via iOS. I am aware Roon doesn’t support airplay 2 however it has always worked previously via airplay 1.

Solution: Disabled igmp snooping on the switch, has wrongly assumed that was supposed to aid multicast? Oh well, had assumed it was my £18 WAP.

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