Homepod Airplay Issue

I’ll add on that my airplay to my single homepod minis, homepod gen2s or my hompod gen2 stereo pair doesn’t work. Playback progress doesn’t move and nothing is played back on the speaker.

I’ve rebooted my ROCK machine numerous times and rebooted my homepods.
Homepods are running the latest firmware and my ROCK is up to date with the latest production release.
I’ve removed my managed switch and replaced it with unmanged switch.
I’ve plugged my ROCK directly on my ASUS router. I’ve tried different cables.
I’ve enabled multi-cast routing as recommended for Asus routers.

Playback to my roon enabled Aries G2 works fine.

Hi @DrTone,

Have you added your airplay devices to your Apple Home app yet? Please follow the steps highlighted in the KB below and let me know how things go:

They are all HomePods. You can’t use them unless you add them to your home.

Hi @DrTone,

Could you please reproduce the issue, share the approximate date and time, and share a set of manual logs from your Roon Server? Please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader.

Thank you!

Samba share isn’t accessible from my ROCK server for some reason, I can’t get logs.

I reinstalled RoonOS and that didn’t help.

When I have a chance I’ll fire up my Roon Server on my windows box.

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Hi @DrTone,

Checking in on this thread, are you still running into issues? How are things running form your Windows machine?