HomePod is visible but no sound

I have a Nucleous+ connected to the same network as a HomePod. I can see and select the HomePod in Roon and I can see that the source (Internet radio station) is playing but I hear nothing.

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Volume? Is it up?

Hi Cris,

The volume is up on the HomePod and also on Roon.

Hello @John_Rudolph,

Do you have the HomePod set up as a part of a Stereo pair? If that is the case, there is an extra step needed to enable Roon streaming to the device.

What you will need to do is set an iOS device as the output in Roon. This could be an iPhone or iPad, and we have had reports of MacOS allowing this to work as well. Once you are streaming to the iOS device output from Roon, you should then set the stereo HomePods as the Airplay output for the device. This will forward the stream to the HomePods. Hope this helps!


Thanks John.

There is only a single HomePod. Roon sees it and allows me to select it. I hear nothing.

I can stereo-send by iOS but not by macOS via Roon; macOS doesn’t give me choice of stereo pair but just separate home pods in sound setting.