HomePods not recognized as stereo pair (ref#HJFN68) [Roon Investigating]

What’s happening?

Homepod pair not showing as stereo pair.
Original version 1 homepods:
Model: MQHW2F/A
Firmware: 17.5 (21L569)

What best describes the issue with your audio device?

Homepod pair not showing as stereo pair. The Homepods are the original ones (version 1), not mini, not the later version 2.

Describe the issue

Homepod pair not showing as stereo pair.
Homepod mini pairs are correctly detected and shown as stereo pairs.
But the first generation normal size Homepods are not detected as pairs (I have 2 pairs and they appear as 4 different Homepods).

Describe your network setup

Core on mac mini i7 64GB w/ MacOS 14.5, wired ethernet

The original homepods version 1 appear in the “Other network devices”, not in the “Roon Tested” section - so maybe that’s why they are not detected as stereo pair - maybe Roon hasn’t certified the first original version ?

The homepod minis on the other hand are correctly detected as stereo pairs.

Try restarting the Roon Server or the Mini twice. I don’t know if it helps but it did here:

Yeah, I tried restarting both the mac and the core mutilple times, but it didn’t solve the problem.

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Are your HomePods updated to the latest firmware? This was said in another thread to be required

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Good point.
I just checked, both are with the latest firmware 17.5


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I wonder if Roon only detects stereo pairs for Homepod Mini and Homepod version 2 - and somehow missed out the original Homepods version 1.

I have two Homepod 2’s paired and they are not seen by Roon as a stereo pair, only two separate devices.

Roon also frequently loses connection with the right Homepod so that it disappears from the Audio page in Roon Settings.

The pair works flawlessly with my iPhone 13 Pro.

Hello all,

Thank you for the reports here. So that we can better troubleshoot this issue, can we please ask that you ungroup the HomePods (so that they are visible in Roon), and then regroup them after (to reproduce the issue again), and let us know the exact local time + date when you perform this action? We will then enable logging for your account to review the logs for clues. Thank you!

Hello @noris , thank you for your reply.
I just did as you asked:

  • 2024-07-02 20:12 (Europe/Paris time) - Homepods are ungrouped, and they do appear as separate left and right speakers in Roon.
  • 2024-07-02 20:15 (Europe/Paris time) - Homepods are grouped again as a stereo pair. In Roon they do still appear as separate speakers, but the right one keeps disappearing and reappearing again and again.


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Reboot your router and any WiFi access points. (What is your network equipment?)

Also, if the above fails, perform a factory reset of your affected HomePods. Then check each individually for updates. I recently had one that showed as being up to date, but wasn’t and updated a second time. Once paired mine now show as a stereo pair in Roon.

Your symptoms were similar to mine.

See my above post.

I’ve a similar issue with my original HomePod stereo pair, which appear in the ‘Other network devices’ as opposed to my HomePod mini which shows in ‘Roon tested’.

I see three entries for my stereo pair, two of them with the same IP address. I’d expect to see them as a single device.

I’ve a single HomePod in another room which also shows in ‘Other network devices’ but does at least seem to be recognised correctly by Roon.

Luckily I’ve a Wiim Pro Plus which works perfectly with the stereo HomePod pair (and I believe does so over AirPlay 2).

Hello @noris , am I supposed to do anything else to activate the diagnosis logs ?

Hi All,

Thanks for the timestamps and additional information, I’ve forwarded your reports and diagnostics to the team and they are investigating the issue. We will let you know once we have more information or questions related to this issue. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Thank you so much !

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