Hong Kong Chinese artists / album entries are in English phonetics

First of all congrats on the 1.2 release with iOS remote. Just started a trial and this is day 1…

So far so good – I got a 1T+ iTunes lossless library which I spent a lot of time getting all the metadata correct including artists and genres in the English, Japanese and Chinese (Traditional characters which are standard in Hong Kong and Taiwan).

It seems that Roon is building up its metadata database for international artists, which is great news indeed, but seems like the language default is a bit random. For example, some of the more popular Japanese artists and albums are rendered in native Japanese (which is perfect) but some Hong Kong Chinese artists and albums are stored in English phonetics (based on the mainland Chinese mandarin pronunciation which is not even the same language as the album’s own…)

Seems like we need one of the following options:

  1. Maintain English and native language Roon entries for all international artists/albums, and offer a choice (default by genre)
  2. Support default (again by genre) such that say Hong Kong Pop can always default to file tags instead of Roon tags.

No. 2 would be important for Roon to be useable for international users like myself until No. 1 is built. The fact that Track Editor is currently broken (as of today) doesn’t help as I can’t even revert these track names to its native language from the file tags.