Hope the Roon devs don't get wind of this 🙂


Oh - after a very quick glance, I’m fairly sure there’s a RAAT precursor on show. Seems anybody can create this software now with virtually no cost whatsoever. Damn…too late for me now!

Had to hire someone with Fortran and relatively modern VB6 skills this year. :slight_smile:

Ha, old iron.

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Do not fold, spindle or mutilate.

You laugh, but for the 1st two years of my career, I punched my code into Hollerith cards.

Ah, the good ol’ days.


Herman Hollerith. Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time.

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I think I can still speak VBA , with added MS Access skills :heart_eyes:

COBOL is bit old even for me . A mate of mine’s wife made a serious financial killing at the Millenium scare just because she could speak COBOL …

Luxury …

I had to use 6 figure logs when I was at University , not even calculators :rofl:


Yeah, well I had to walk 10 miles thru 6 foot snow drifts to even go to school.

You know what snow is, Mike?

Ah, Monty Python. :rofl:

I’m from Hyde, Nr Manchester, UK so YES …I only emigrated 24 years ago

Admittedly in South Africa we don’t see much , but bits of the Western Cape and the Drakensberg do in bad winters

I much rather fight off the 28 deg Sun :cowboy_hat_face:

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I started out writing COBOL programs. Glad to see I have an un-retirement option!

Is it like riding a bike ?

If your bike is a penny farthing, yes.


More like writing AppleScript.

Is Roon actually a COBOL backend with screen scraper front-end?


How time flies. I briefly worked as a COBOL programmer on one of these “portable” computers the Xerox sales men made their quotes on site with. Apparently we used to call them “worms” because they were Apple killers. I don’t remember ever being that cool.

Moore’s law was recently brought home to me in an illustrative way when I read that a Raspberry Pi runs an Amiga emulator many times faster than the original chipset with one of the recent addon CPU boards…

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