Host Not Found. I'm Screaming for HELP!

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Description Of Issue
Roon has lost its ability to find the music library on my iMac. I have followed the instructions for copying the location from the Mac music folder file location into the Room Folder. First I see no way to add a folder only choice after clicking on + Add Folder is to add + Network Share. Then when pasting into the Network Share Location I get an error message: Host Not Found.

What the hell is going on?

It was easier but not painless when I first did it last year. I had all of my files accessible when I first set and Roon and now its impossible to use Roon and my Music library. I resigned up for another year but now I am having second thoughts. The complexity of this system does provide an excellent way of seeing and using all the music library’s information but its complexity also makes it difficult to navigate when issues arise. And the instructions surely suck evident by the size of this community help database.

Nothing I try has worked. I am running MacOS Catalina, version 10.15.6 and Music version

I don’t want to load all my music files onto my Nucleus but its coming to that. Or dump Roon and sell the Nucleus.

Flagged @support for you…

Don’t you get this screen -


You can select a local drive from the left hand menu or create a new folder.

Are you adding a folder local to the Core or a networked folder?

You’ll need a second drive in the Nucleus to do that.

I think what probably works best is to install an SSD in your Nucleus, copy your music files to it, then make it the watched folder in Roon.

I get that screen but there is no New Folder option at the bottom.

In Finder, create your folder.

It should then show up in the left hand menu in the listing for the associated drive.

Hmm. after looking at your screen print, your local drives aren’t showing up there. Dunno.

Thanks. I do have a drive on the Nucleus with certain music files already but do not want to all all music as want to keep to certain genres.

The most updated version on macOS is 10.15.7

Try updating the iMac.

Is your library visible on the iMac *(finder as Slim suggested) in the music folder?

Check settings>storage. t should look something like this.

Tanks. My systems tells me my Mac is up to date at 10.15.6.

Can you clarify? How would that help if I can’t get to the folder in the Roon application?

That seems to be the best option. It’s becoming arduous and silly working across platforms.

Understood, might a regional thing. I’m in the USA.

Yeah, I edited my post since you looked at it.

ASIK, you should your local and networked drives in that screen.

At least, that’s how it is on my WIN10 Core -

This is what I see.

Tap on ADD Folder

Wait a minute, your Core is on Nucleus, but your music is on the Mac?

Then you want to add a networked drive.

Do a screen print of the screen where you have added a network share and get the ‘host not found’ message.

Are you saying this is not my Mac but the Nucleus


Folder to add is not available.

OK, I give up.

You have a Nucleus, but you are running Core on a Mac. Is that right?

Is your Roon Core on your Nucleus on iMac? I don’t know anything about the Nucleus and would have to defer to Slim and/or support staff.