Host Not Found. I'm Screaming for HELP!

Well not I am not sure now

. But here is the screen shot of my issue.


Listen, where do yourt want to run COre, because the screen shot you posted has Core on an iMac,

I am still confused because although it says iMac, the icon looks like a Nucleus.

Correct. At least that is what I thought I had set up.

What are you using the Nucleus for, if not to run Core?

Not an idle question because until we understand your setup, we can’t advise on how to access storage.

BTW - I’m not Roon support, just another user.

Do you think I should delete the Roon app and start fresh? That seems to be the best way to possibly fix this issue.

Truly appreciate all the replies to my inquiry. I’ll post again when this is figured this out. Thanks ALL!

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If you want to run Core on the Nucleus, simply de-authorize it from the iMac and authorize on the Nucleus.

You don’t need to reinstall anything.


Thanks Slim!

I ended up deleting the App and reinstalling it. Selected the Mac as Core upon start up and it is now in the process of uploading all 60,000+ songs/albums on the Mac music folders. Thankfully everything is back to normal.

How the Core got switched must have been something that I inadvertently did. If it happens again I’ll know to deauthorize and reauthorize.

That’s good to hear.

Still wondering why you have a Nucleus, but all’s well that ends well.

The best/easist solution, would have been to get a small USB hard drive, copy all the music from the iMac to it, and then plug the USB hard drive into the Nucleus.

If you really have a Nucleus, all that you have done is now set up two different Roon Cores.

Did you have a Core on your iMac, get a Nucleus, and restored a backup from the iMac to the Nucleus?

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Nestor, if you have a Nucleus, you should deauthorize your Roon core on your Mac and activate your Roon core on the Nucleus. The purpose of a Roon Nucleus is to run the Roon core.

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Right now I set the Mac up as my Core. So if I deauthorize it and switch the Core to the Nucleus will I not encounter the same issue of it not finding my Music folders? I ask because it seemed that that was the problem I was facing previously wherein I could not add folders to the Core that being the Nucleus.
My Nucleus now shows over 9500 files while the Mac shows around 5700 files. So I am guessing that the Nucleus is working to find all music files.
Obviously I’m a rookie at this so expect basic questions from me.

Your music files are stored on a drive somewhere, I don’t know where. Whether you use your Roon core on the Nucleus or on your Mac, you should be able to tell the Roon core where your music files are stored by going to Settings - Storage and pointing Roon at your music files. As I posted earlier, I think it probably works better if you install a SSD in your Nucleus and copy your music files onto that SSD. Then, point Roon at that drive as the watched drive.

I guess my question is why have a Nucleus if it’s not going to run your Roon core?

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I guess I should ask, when you purchased your Nucleus, did you also purchase an SSD or HDD to install in the Nucleus for the purpose of storing your music files? As someone else already posted, you don’t necessarily have to install that drive inside the Nucleus. You can use an external USB drive if you prefer. If you did not purchase a drive for your music, you might want to simply run the Roon core on your MAC until you get a drive for the Nucleus.

Yes I did purchase and install a SSD drive in the Nucleus and have copied files to it. This is my current set up.

Looks to me like you have music files in two places. One is in your Nucleus, I presume, and the other is in your Mac. Is that working for you now? Seems like you would just use the Nucleus for core and music files. You could click to disable the link to the Mac files if you have copied them to your Nucleus. Or, maybe it will work with music files in two different locations.

Hi @Nestor_Perea,

It looks like you have a Nucleus, but you have switched Cores back to Mac to access your music on the Mac, is that correct? You can still keep the Nucleus as the Core and share the media from the Mac over the network by using this guide.

Although you can do this, a better option would be to use USB or Internal Storage on the Nucleus, as this would be accessible even if your Mac is offline and the access speeds would not be dependent on the network connecting to the Mac, but directly attached storage to the Nucleus.

Hi Noris. Thanks for the information you sent me recently. As much as I have tried to follow and implement it is not working for me. Yes I do have the Nucleus however when I set it up as the Core it only shows 197 files. I suspect these are the ones I have copied over to the SSD internal drive. When I deauthorize and go back to the Mac as Core the Nucleus folder shows 9543 tracks imported and the Mac folder shows 5751 for which I fail to understand the discrepancy. Could it be that many files are stored in the Cloud and not on the Mac itself?

When I selected File Sharing which was already selected and then Share Files and folders using SMB it shows zero users even though my name is checked below. I have checked and unchecked as well as logged out of my Mac to see if it changes but it does not. Additionally, in either scenario Nucleus or Mac as Core using my network access as Nestors-Imac.local I am unable to set up any new folders. I get the same frustrating error “path not found” or something similar.

Your instructions are very clear so whatever is occurring it is impossible for a non-expert to see. The background operation is shrouded in mystery but at least I have music now. I just wish that I understood things better to help optimize the system. I wish I could clearly see the files stored on the Nucleus instead of just a number of files.

With that thought in mind does Roon offer any online tutorials live or recorded that would help us subscribers out? Or is there a local users group, I’m in Chicago, that I could get in touch with?

Thanks again.

Hi @Nestor_Perea,

If you are not able to set up the Mac share, the next simplest option would be to purchase a USB HDD and place the music files on it, then connect the USB to one of the Nucleus’ USB ports.

Having the music files on the USB drive will also have the added benefit of you being able to access them when the Mac is powered off (since the Nucleus is the Core).

I have heard of a Roon Enthusiast Group on facebook, but I am not sure of any Chicago-specific groups. If you want to get in touch with a nearby Roon dealer, that is also an option:

Those would be part of our Knowledge Base:

I think I maybe already posted this, but I highly recommend you purchase a SSD and a case to put it in. Copy ALL of your music files onto that drive and plug it into your Nucleus. Go into Settings - Storage and make that your “Watched” drive. Use your Nucleus as your Roon core. I think you are making this more difficult than it needs to be.