Hostname for Roon authorization server

Description Of Issue

Does the Roon authorization server(s) have a hostname I can use to configure my firewall?

I’ve been allowing port 9200 outbound for a couple of years and it’s been working good for switching authorizations between my cores. I just added port 9220 since I’ve been getting errors switching cores for the past couple of months and decided to check my firewall logs.

If you don’t have a hostname assigned to the IP addresses, can you list out all of the IP addresses used for authorization?

Hi @Bathyteuthis,

The best option is to put an application level exception in for Roon and RAATServer — Is that something you’re able to do?

I use pfsense and cannot add an application level exception. I assume the likelihood of a feature request for Roon to register a domain name for the authorization server or redirect port 9200 on the domain is very low. I will continue what I am doing if I have problems later.

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