Hotel California track listing off

Hi crew. I imported the DSF files from an SACD ISO rip and conversion for Hotel California by the Eagles, both in stereo and multichannel. Roon correctly identified the album and the tracks, but the songs are not playing as identified in the track listings. So, for example, track 1, Hotel California, actually plays track 8, Try And Love Again, and track 2, New Kid In Town, actually plays track 5, Wasted Time (Reprise). How do I shuffle the music without changing the track listings which are correct? Thanks much. JCR

Hi Jeffrey,

The Rearrange Tracks into Their Proper Order section of Fix Track Grouping should get you sorted.

Edit: Upon a more careful reading of your post, I can see that simply changing track order is not the solution here. You have tracks that have been misidentified. Sorry to have misunderstood.

I have had this issue quite frequently when merging classical box sets. The solution is as follows:

Under the “three dots” menu, choose “Identify Album”. This will bring up a screen of possible Albums including the current one. Select the current Album and you will be taken to a screen with album information on the left and your track listing on the right. Move your tracks to match the album information using the up and down arrows (this is somewhat painful). You will find Track Length is often a good guide here if the Track Name has been incorrectly attributed.

Once you have Tracks in the right order, press “Save” and Roon will convert the incorrect Track names to match the Album information. This change is stored only in the Roon database. The order and name of your physical files is not affected.

Hi Andrew. That did the trick. I did have to do separately for each misidentified version of the album, but it definitely fixes it. Thanks for the assistance and Happy Thanksgiving. JCR

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@support, I am confused. The misordering of inputted DSF files from iso conversions is now happening on every album I import. The 24/88.2 versions are all in correct sequence. Applying the solution identified above by @andybob was fine for one or two albums, but now I have 20 some that Roon is misidentifying. This used to never occur so I am now thinking there is a bug somewhere. Looking for assistance to diagnose. Thanks much. JCR

By any chance is your ripping software starting and/or tagging at track 0?