House / Techno / Electronic Music

I enjoy music of all kinds – Jazz, Classical, Rock, limited R&B/Soul and more. EDM is one of my favorite genres. It includes House, Techno, Tech-House, Progressive House, Trance, Tribal, etc. There are hundreds of sub-genres, and it is a very diverse and interesting space. A lot of it regurgitated loop-based crap. But there are diamonds in the rough. I have spent nearly 25 years collecting the good stuff, and let me tell you, this collection is very near and dear to my heart. A tech-house track on vinyl, at a hifi show a few years ago. It was a hit, and those who’d never heard good EMD before, loved it

The best places to find this music are Beatport, Soundcloud and Discogs. Beatport sells commercial downloads, and you can get 16/44 WAV and AIFF files if you pay an up-charge. SoundCloud provides user-submitted content and promos. This is where you can get the latest stuff in MP3-only quality. I’m not sure how they manage the licensing, but that’s a different discussion. Discogs is where you can find vinyl for the stuff that pre-dates Beatport.

EDM is not well covered in All Music or other databases. The reason is that a lot of these labels are very small, and they come and go. (I have written and released original music on a label, but you can’t find it anymore). However, tons of music stays up there, and the genres and credits are available.

Can Roon do a better job with this genre and get more of the data? Is there a reason why it hasn’t been done before? Maybe it’s too hard? I would think that Beatport, which is/was part of SFX Entertainment, would be happy to receive some attention.


P.S. For those interested in learning more about this genre, feel free to PM me.

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Hi @ciamara,
I can recommend Charlotte de Witte.
She’s on Tidal, Beatport, Soundcloud, Youtube, …
Straight Belgian dark techno.



This is the one place in my collection where Roon falls down.

Does Beatport have a metadata API? They certainly do a great job of keeping all the genres up-to-date.

Thanks for the recommendation!

I see quite a bit of metadata on Discogs, especially for the out of print stuff, but I’m not sure how complicated this is.

Beatport has a Beatport Pro app, and it appears that a lot of the metadata is there. How these are mapped, I’m not sure. Traktor from Native Instruments (the DJ application) seems to map to this database.

In the meantime, I still manage all of my own metadata using iTunes. (I have a separate library just for electronic/dance/DJ music). All metadata and artwork is properly embedded into Apple Lossless files.

I can’t seem to get Roon to recognize the files, or use the genres, sub-genres, labels and other things embedded in the files. (Probably a different topic, but would appreciate any guidance).