How About a BOLD Option?

I know there have been requests here for there to be a way of customizing the size and style of the font.

I was wondering if the Roon Support team might give us the option of being able to switch to bold type to make our screens more readable?

You need to pit that in as a feature request.

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I moved this over to Feature Requests @S_J_A. It would help us understand the request if you could give some more details about what could be more readable.

Can you let us know where you’re having issues? Which devices, and which screens or text in Roon?

Have you tried changing the font size in Settings > Setup?

Hey Mike, There’s an option for ‘Text Size’ when I’m using my laptop, but not when I’m on my iPad as you can see from my screen shots below, and that’s how I control Roon most often.