How about a Roon ARC subcategory?

The thread title says it all.


A very pertinent proposal. Roon Labs should have done this right after the ARC release.

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or released something that worked.

Ridiculous comments are not required. There is no need for this type of comment.

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Monty, old chap, please accept my most humblest apologies for you taking offence at my most hateful and vitriolic comment.

Works great for me, and it seems lots of others. It does need setting up correctly, and if you need help doing that, this post won’t actually help you in that endeavour.

I was just about to post something overwhelmingly positive about how the larger than usual beta testing group and subsequently larger pool of people able to talk others through their issues has helped what could have been a nightmare of a roll out. If people have what I would describe as a conventional setup (router, single NAT) then this has been useful. Where there are issues, they seem mostly amongst those with atypical setups. Double NATted, corporate networks, those with specific security concerns. When somebody pops up and simply describes ARC as not working then it is down to being part of that second group, or possibly not having the ability or confidence to get port forwarding working. There has been an interesting conversation about alternatives to port forwarding which resulted in a suggestion that satisfied the security conscious thread starter so solutions exist. We just need to know how we can help. An ARC subcategory might be just the thing for that to happen.

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