How about a Roon DJ mode

I like to DJ using my digital collection, how about a Roon DJ mode where we can cue up tracks on a pair of digital music players using our Roon software.

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Not following, what are you looking to do that you can’t already do?

Add tracks to two digital decks or turntables within Roon and play from one to another

I’m not 100% on you use case here but here’s a stab at it …

You could setup two audio zones in Roon one feeding each independent zone.
Then feed the output of those zone to a fader, that you [as DJ] would then use to fade in / out the tracks.

Alternative use a single zone and the zone’s Crossfade Time option, but I appreciate that would not give you any manual control.

I just mean something like a simpler DJ pro,
that one could dj from, transitioning back and forth from one track to another

Just pointing out I would hate development time being spent on turning Roon into DJ software when that exists. Even if it was just an additional tab and not in your face, I think it would spoil the product and does not attract their key audience.

Great thinking outside the box though :+1:

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Guess I thought about it as I’m having a birthday party soon and it would have been great to DJ music through Roon rather than some other software :slight_smile:

Hello I just came across the same issue. Wonderful for browsing and reading but not when you habe to compile spontaneous a live playlist. just so frustrated right now…

Do you have a controller? Why not just use Serato or Traktor?

having the same request, djing can also be constant discovery of your collection, and discovery is the big strength of roon.