How About a Spreadsheet?

This is a documentation request.

I think the whole subject of “Roon Ready” versus “Roon Tested” versus “Roon certified” business is a hot mess. I cannot discern: what the real differences between these labels are; whether these labels apply to a family of products or just particular models; whether these are just marketing jargon phrases or real certificates of something; what Roon considers its “drop dead” features or characteristics needed in order to obtain such labels; and more.

If you were to ask, “what are the current products that are Roon ready/certified/tested”, one would have a difficult time answering. There are three HTML pages that purport to answering this, but none (AFAIK) have an “as of” date. They are: [], (, and a probable counterfeit,

These multiple sources cause meaningful confusion. For instance, the words Metrum and Ambre appear nowhere on the Partner Devices Matrix webpage [], but Metrum prominently features the Roon logo on its webpage and refers to its “Roon certification”. So, is the Ambre “ready”? “tested”? “certified”? “anything”? Should I just take Metrum’s word for it? Hard to know.

Another example, Schiit appears among the corporate logos in the Roon “tested” bunch. But which models have been tested? Roon’s web link only takes you to the generic Schiit product page, so it doesn’t solve the mystery.

Third example, then I’ll stop. Early on, Roon pronounced the Oppo players as “Roon Ready”, but failed to mention that the Oppos couldn’t accept multi-channel RAAT signals. Really?! We have a RAAT protocol that sends MC signals, a blu-ray disc player that can receive MC signals, a Roon Ready designation, and … oops, no “readiness” for RAAT MC.

So my feature requests are these. First, decide whether these terms have any true meaning, then document their meanings and stick to them. Second, periodically publish a dated spreadsheet with all the makes and models Roon supports. Note each as being “tested”, “ready” or whatever other designation you may have. There, document all the ifs and howevers in a comment field. Then just publish the spreadsheet (I know how will be received as being “sooo yesterday.”). Third, rigorously encourage your partners to abide by the appropriate designation that they have.

Thanks for your time.


Roon Ready is for streaming solutions using the RAAT SDK. Roon tested is for DACs that have been tested to work well and are fully functional with Roon, Roon may also be able to control preamp volume. Roon certified is what makes the other two be advertised. To get either of these statuses the product needs to have been certified by Roon, hence Roon certified. One cannot be had without the other. The product list is not that up to date and Roon have admitted this.


Great summary. Thanks

I guess ‘fully functional’ doesn’t necessarily involve MQA or multichannel handling or preamp volume control or a minimum format.

This seems to be a lower bar than I thought.

MQA I don’t recall even being an option when roon started out.

Fair point. I withdraw that function.