How about a "Tinkering" section in the forum?

I just found my old Hermstedt Hifidelio player (=Olive Symphony) in the basement. And was thinking about, if there was an option to use the case to build a complete new player out of it by inserting a nice makerboard with a proper DAC. I am not sure if there are a many other people here in the community as well who like to tinker and build their own stuff. But if that is the case it would be nice if the forum could support that by adding a tinker section.
With the upcoming Roon API there are at least a lot of options for makers. :slight_smile:


Sounds like a great idea to me Christopher.

@mike ?
@carl ?
@ncpl ?
@Greg ?

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Well sir, since you are our resident Chief Tinkerer (I commend you for creating the NAS packages and offering support for them, even though I dislike consumer-level NASes with a vengeance…) – I think this request carries some weight. I for one would love to see more Roon-tinkering…

Ask and you shall receive!

@crieke – I’ve also updated your forum title at the request of an unnamed Roon Community moderator :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Enjoy guys!


Thank you Mike. I did not expect this happening so fast!
I was not sure if there are many forum users who might be interested in this section. But especially in the DIY/Maker scene this will help and support people who would like to start building something for Roon.
I think there is a lot of potential in the future for some nice projects.

Update: Haha, I just realized what you meant with the forum title…! :smiley:


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