How Are You Using RoPiee with Display?

Either this is an old pic, or you’ve still did not discover the new screen. You should click on the cover art… :smiley:

Thanks Harry, yep, aware of the other screen however prefer the ‘original’. Thanks for including the option to choose!

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Harry, I’m sorry… I thought the product was being developed “for profit.” (It should be, as it is a great enhancement for the Roon system, making Roon more valuable for us end users.)

I ran a grouped zone and yes, the video did show what was playing - but nothing else. I couldn’t stop the song, nor could I skip it for the next song in the playlist, using the touchscreen. I setup the device (in the web-based Ropieee setup) to control a certain zone, and that’s all it seems to control - not a group zone.

I have used Ropieee on 4 devices now… For use as an endpoint I am very pleased. For now, the video is good at what it does, but it could do so much more. What I was hoping for was a more stable replacement for the android phone and tablet I’ve tried using. Those do work, sometimes, but very often will lose connection to the core, and once the connection is lost it isn’t at all intuitive how to get that connection back (other than rebooting several devices). The Raspberry Pi / Ropieee endpoint works flawlessly, so I thought a touchscreen using the same system would be perfect. And it could be.

By the way, are you accepting donations for Ropieee?

Find the Donate button at the bottom of the page.

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You should be able to “control” playback when multiple zones are grouped.

I was able just now to do it. Before it wasn’t responding. Perhaps I was just a bit impatient :thinking:.

no, i’m afraid not. more guys reported this, but i can’t reproduce it.

would be great if we can come up with the scenario where controlling grouped zone’s doesn’t work…

Early on it depended on the order that you added zones when creating the group. but lately it seems to work for me regardless of the order of adding zones.

I have tried RoPieee: I can control a group, actually the RaspTouch is next to my computer, functioning as remote and HP amp and is grouped wit the SOtM-sMS-200 Ultra in my main system and the loudspeakers in my iMac. It does work but sometimes the respons is not instant.

Can I use RoPieee with display other than the official 7” display - such as a 2.2” hat?

No you can’t. RoPieee only supports the official 7" display.

Has anything changed here? I’ve got a Hyperpixel GPIO touch screen that I’d really rather like to use?

Nope, still the same. No plans for supporting other screens then the standard.
Purely a consequence of the (most) software support that these 3rd party screens have.

Various forums seem to be littered with people having issues with the 3rd party touch drivers too.

Yes. It’s the same old story: hardware vendor totally underestimates what it means to provide proper software (support).

Software is (at least) 50% of the story these days.