How best to index a large collection with subdirectories? (New user here!)

New user here, and I’m on the verge of fully engaging with Roon. I’ve installed the Roon Server on a 7 or 8 years old Windows laptop, and while Roon sees all the files, the artist and album title information is all over the place, and a lot of info seems to be missing. I have about 40K tracks and 4K albums in FLAC on an external, non-SSD hard drive, total about 2TB. There are lots of subdirectories and inconsistent metadata across the drive. I hope to avoid reorganizing the drive!

I intend to upgrade the laptop with 16GB of RAM and am moving all the FLAC files to a new SSD. Will Roon be better able to retrieve metadata and organize the music by albums with upgraded hardware? If not, other suggestions are welcome!

Put 10 Roon users in a room ask this question you will get 11 answers :rofl:

The Bottom Line is Roon doesn’t care , the only real stipulation is that an album’s files be held in a single folder, after that Roon simply stores the path to that folder.

I am not clear where Roon is failing (maybe post a few examples) the metadata used is normally NOT from your files it is from either Tivo or MusicBrainz unless Roon cannot find a match only then will it use your file tags. The most important tags to be correct re the Album Name (which must b the same for all tracks of an album - obviously ) and Artist or AlbumArtist. It is better to maintain this external to Roon , maybe try MP3Tag.

For sheer organization I have a folder structure set out for ease of maintenance should i need it , I suppose I have an orderly mind

this is my Rock Structure




Classical is much the same but by Composer

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What do you do if you have an album with multiple composers?

The difficulty I find with this approach is that whereas an album with multiple album artists is not a problem since all songs on the album should have same value for album artist even if they have different tracks artists there is not an album composer field only an composer field so different tracks can have different composers. Therefore if you try and automatically rename files based on composer field metadata you may split the album, whereas if you do it manually then it is difficult to maintain it if have a large collection

Personally I prefer to use the album artist throughout for all music.

The folder structure is irrelevant with modern library software, this structure goes back to when I was using a USB drive attached to my streamer , so what file structure you had was what you saw

I moved onto JRiver 13 years ago and subsequently Roon but kept the structure

There is a folder per composer and a Various Composer catch all folder as well as specific artists folder non of which play any part in listening simply maintenance

So the point is it does matter that there is one folder per album for roons song identication (or indeed any song identification), and that can be broken if an album has multiple composers. It may not matter much for music already identified but it does matter for new music or if you decided in the future to move to something different.

And since you seem to be suggestig your folder structure to new user @Erik_Metzler its iimportant for him to realize that if he simply uses Mp3tag to organize his music into a new folder structure based on composer it will most likely prevent some roon matches.