How best to tag albumartist where artists have collaborated?

For the sake of discussion assume:

  • an album is a collaboration between two artists
  • the album is one Roon cannot identify
  • one or both artists are known to Roon

How should such an album be tagged to get the best exploration outcome in Roon? Does it matter whether I tag

albumartist=“artist a / artist b”
artist=“artist b”


albumartist="artist a"
albumartist="artist b"
artist="artist b"

The best would be a multi artist entry so that both artists show up in a search

Eg jrIver allows a list entry for artist, so an album will show up for both artists

I don’t think Roon will handle multiple albumartist tags, so your first option is the correct one.

I also use artist sort tag with multiple values

I’m not sure of the Roon specifics but this is probably also going to depend on the audio format you are using. Its quite normal to have multiple ARTIST fields in a Flac file, but for ID3 (as used by Wav/Aif/Mp3) you have a single ARTIST field that is null separated for multiple artists if using ID3v24 and ‘/’ separated if using ID3v23.

May also depend if collaboration between two distinct artists who don’t usually work together (e.g Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush) , or if two artists that are known as a group e.g Simon & Garfunkel

Some input from the Roon guys on this would be helpful.

Agreed. Simon & Garfunkel were a band in the sense it wasn’t just Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel having solo careers and occasionally collaborating. The started as S&G and then went their separate ways

My files are FLAC so use vorbiscomments and my tagger writes
Paul Simon / Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon\\Art Garfunkel as

albumartist=Paul Simon / Art Garfunkel and
albumartist=Paul Simon
albumartist=Art Garfunkel


Above is how Roon handles albums it’s able to identify. When it’s unidentified it interprets Paul Simon / Art Garfunkel as a literal string, so I guess tagging should be

albumartist=Paul Simon
albumartist=Art Garfunkel

when Roon doesn’t recognise the album.