How can focus on only albums in my physical library? [Solved]

How can I do if I want to show only albums of my phisical library?

Is there a filter in which I can set “show no Tidal albums”?

I’ve been able to do it only in focus > inspector > storage location selecting my folder library and tod tidal library but it’s not immediate and a bit annoying for me cause I’ve several storage location


Focus --> Inspector --> Location --> Tidal
Then tap the Tidal filter to invert it, so it becomes NOT Tidal.

For fast access, you can then create a bookmark and then just select the bookmark back.

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Wonderful thank you!

Edited 04.02

I’m not sure I’m understanding your question properly.

Do you have show hidden tracks and albums enabled?

If not so try switching it on.

OK I edited my previous post because it works perfectly.
It was not an issue but my misunderstanding being a Roon newbie)

Thank you again!