How Can I Add a Song to an Existing Playlist?

When I click on the three dots to the far right of a song and choose Add to a Playlist, a different playlist option opens but not the set of playlists I want to add a song to.

This is what I want to appear when I click on the three dots:

But this is the one that pops up when I click on those three dots and choose add to a playlist:

Please somebody, tell me what I’m doing wrong.

From Importing playlists:


Roon does not allow you to add to Tidal playlists, only to Roon playlists. It is technically possible with Tidal but Roon to date is not implementing this ability. There are feature requests open on this point.


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Thank you!

I’ve had those playlists for quite some time and didn’t remember that they were created in Tidal, rather than in Roon. Now I understand why they don’t appear when I try to add a song to a playlist.

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