How can I assist Roon to identify an album?

I have found details of an album on the net, in particular how it is named there, and details - EMI Music Group Australasia ‎– CDM 1664312

I tried putting that number in the header, but that did not help so I’m guessing Roon does not have access to that particlar disc detail meaning that artist etc details for each track are not displayed.

So, can Roon set up a spot where we can report discs like this so they can be included in the metadata list Roon accesses? Maybe a standard table where we can fill in as much of the detail as we can find such as Label, Disc number, Primary header, … or maybe even a print screen of the cover.

By doing that we could all contribute to improving Roon’s value.


If you add this disc’s details to it will be added to the Rovi database.

These data once added will filter through to Roon’s database.

can we do that ?