How can i browse an album playing only the beginning of the tracks.?

Sometimes I would like to be able to explore the content of an album listening only to the beginning of the tracks, 15, 20 seconds or so. Does this possibility exist in Roon?

If I understand correctly, you are asking if there is an album preview feature. No, this isn,t possible. However, you could go to the Album view, start the album, and the use the cue button to skip forward.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, that’s what I’m looking for, a way to listen to an extract of the album tracks automatically, for example by indicating a time parameter within Roon. Doing it as you indicate, manually works, but it is tedious.
I think it is an interesting utility to manage or catalog a music library.

You should raise a feature request for this as it will probably be useful to many. It could be an option in the drop-down of the Play menu, ‘Play Previews’ or similar.