How can I copy a song title?

Tried to copy the title of a copy in many places, but failed…the only way is copying the song path, but I simply want to copy the song title

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In addition how about hyperlinking a song title, so that one can click on a song title and see all instances of that song within one’s library.

There is another way, albeit a bit clunky…
3 dot edit; Edit track; Edit title; tap the copy icon for track title; now copy the text which appears in the box.

Sorry, best I can do.

As Brian says, there is a way to copy the text, but it’s clunky. Perhaps we could also ask what you are aiming to achieve? If it’s to share the track title with friends, then a picture can be worth a thousand words. Just use the “Share” option:

Sometimes I like to copy the song title to browser for searching because Roon can’t provide the information

Ok. Understood. Then I’m afraid it’s the clunky way, or retyping… :slightly_frowning_face:

its ok, thanks a lot…it should be put on feature request then

Then please rephrase your original question as a request and post it into the Feature Request section of the forum, where it will be noted by the Roon Labs team. Thanks.

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