How can I create a Qobuz favourite

@support Hi. I’m a happy Qobuz user, have taken a trial subscription to roon, am generally delighted, but would like to know how I can add a Qobuz album to my Qobuz favourites? I can add a Qobuz album to my (roon) library and favourite it, but I can’t seem to add a Qobuz album to my Qobuz favourites such that it shows up in Qobuz > My Qobuz > My Favourites.

Just tick the heart symbol in qobuz. It’s there with the album.

There seems to be a (long delay). For example I have just picked a Korngold Piano Trios album from the Qobuz New Releases section. To get the heart symbol to appear I needed first to add to library. (Not sure why I should need to do that,but hey ho). Then I checked in My Qobuz > Favorites. Absolutely definitely not there. Checked the Qobuz app. Was there. Went back to roon. (the iOs app). Not there. Bumped the roon app and started again, Ah, now I see it! So, there is some latency, or whatever. Anyhow, there is definitely not an immediately obvious consequence of adding a Qobuz favourite.