How can I delete a Tidal album using the Roon app

I’m brand new to Roon so please bear with me…

I’m using Tidal with Roon and all I want to do is delete an album, but I can’t figure out how to.

I’m sure it’s a very simple process but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet.

Not sure what device you’re on but on an iPad it’s ‘three dots’ edit > scroll down to delete album > then click on ‘delete all tracks’ popup > acknowledge a couple of annoying and semi-irrelevant checkboxes (which you should at least be able to acknowledge globally in settings), et voila.

‘Remove from library’ (the opposite of what you did to add it) would be far simpler of course, and more elegant. But let’s not talk about that :slight_smile:

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I’m also using an iPad but when I touch the three dots, my only choices are:

Add To Library
Add To Playlist

For some reason I don’t have the ‘Edit’ or even ‘Go to Tidal Version’ options that your screenshot shows. :-/

Hi Steve,

You should be able to see Edit. You may or may not see Go to Tidal Version, depending on the Album.

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Cheers, Greg

Might be you haven’t actually added it to your Roon library?

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You see that menu when you are in the Tidal section.
And in Tidal, from the perspective of Tidal, you can’t delete the album.
Think of it this way: delete from what?
If you want to delete it from you library, you have to go to the library, e.g, the Album section, and there you can enter the album by touching it and then do the three-dot menu thing, or you can select the album in the Albums listing, and then do the three dots menu from there.
If you want to delete it from a playlist, you go into the playlist and delete it from there.
But you can’t delete it from Tidal, because the Tidal guys own Tidal.

It may seem excessively rigorous, but it is practical because without the idea of “context” every menu would have a very long list of options. With this model, you decide the context first, and then the menus contain only context-relevant things.

Oh wait a minute! I just realized something; I’m trying to delete an album in my Tidal library through Roon. When I went to the album in question, there was a button that says, + Add To Library. I did that and then when I touched the three dots ALL of the options in your screen shot appeared!

I don’t know what the significance is of this is but I’m getting there. I’m thinking that I need to add all my Favorites from Tidal into my Roon Library. Of course I could still be wrong. :pensive:

It just clicked and I now understand you comment. :grinning:

No, you are right and I was wrong.
Are you very new in Roon.
In that case, my guess is that your Tidal favorites will automatically be added to your Roon library. Soon. Or you can force an immediate sync (Roon three line menu, Settings, Services, Edit Tidal, Sync now).

I’m not sure if that happens on an initial signup, I know it happens for future additions.

Roon uses Tidal favourites as the flag to be part of the Roon library. Adding something in Roon makes it a fav in Tidal. Favouriting in Tidal automatically adds it to your Roon library.

This seems innocent but can be a bit of a pain as your Tidal library grows, as favourites would be quite useful for the purpose they were intended. Just FYI.

As an aside, you don’t need to add a Tidal album to your Roon library to play it. You can just simply play it from the album screen.

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Yeah, I’m very new to Roon (2 days) and that’s why I’m having to ask such basic questions.

After I realized that I was looking at my Tidal Favorites in Roon and not my Tidal albums in the Roon Library, I moved each album individually from Tidal Favorites to my Roon Library. I didn’t know there was an easier way of doing that but I should have guessed there was.

Thanks for all your help Anders, I’m going to try to find some videos on YouTube that will bring me up to speed on Tidal via Roon.