How can I determine my output quality?

I am using my Mac Mini M1 as my core. It is attached to my Cambridge DAC100 via USB, and then from the DAC to my Marantrz SR8015 via RCA cables. I have set my DAC under the Midi controls to be able to handle up to 192. I am just unsure what I am actually outputting at as the screen on Roon shows OS mixer. I can’t find further info. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

I have attached some screenshots

Look at your signal path screen shot.

Listed under Source - Qobuz FLAC 44.1kHz 16 bit 2 ch

If you look under settings / audio in the roon app - you should see an option for DAC100, as well as the option for System Output.

It is better to enable the direct path - rather than system output - because roon will then have exclusive access to the DAC when it needs it - and can control the sample rate etc.


Perfect! That is exactly what I needed. It’s now showing the signal path as lossless. It’s showing the DAC after the Mini instead of the OS mixer. Thank you


Pleasure to be able to help. Enjoy!

Already answered. I gave redundant guidance. Enjoy your exclusive mode.

The DAC Magic 100 is a great old device, I used one as my first venture into digital almost 10 years ago. I ultimately changed to a Audiolab M-DAC to get a headphone amp.

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