How can I disable Roon Radio from the iPhone App

Or, in general. I think I’ve successfully managed to turn it off globally from my Mac but I can’t discover how to do so from my phone.

For what it is worth, the feature has never made a good decision about what I want to hear based on what I am already listening to. I was just listening to an ambient artist’s album and it “segued” from that to The Moody Blues. Reminded me of when I’m walking on the motorized walkway at the airport and suddenly step off.


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If you click on the track at the bottom of the screen, it’ll take you to the Now Playing tab. Click the Roon Radio tab, then you may have to click End. Then you’ll see the on/off button for Roon Radio.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks, @Greg. I’m away from Roon for the next few days but I’ll try this when I get back.