How Can I Display Just My Downloaded CDs?

It’s embarrassing to have to ask this question but I haven’t been able to figure out how to display only the CDs I’ve ripped to my SSD. :flushed:

They should show up on overview. If you are using a NAS it can take awhile.

Choose albums–>focus–>inspector–>storage locations–>choose your ssd. This will display all of your albums stored to your ssd. If you have a combination of HD downloads and CD rips and you just want to see the latter, you could additionally define a second focus criteria using albums–>focus–>format–>and select 44.1kHz, 16 bit and the format you ripped them in. This should get just the CD rips. You could then add a bookmark to this set of focus criteria if you want to be able to easily get back to it and any new cds you rip will be automatically added to it.


Thank you Craig, this info is very helpful!

I followed your suggestion about adding a bookmark and I’m all set now!

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A better way, imho, would be to go to albums, Focus, in the focus section there is “Added In The Last”, choose the date range or pre-set like Month and then make a bookmark. This will give you everything ripped in the last month, moving forward.

I just tag them in a folder “local files”…

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Using 44.1/16 will bring up everything, including both ripped CDs and downloads in that format. I don’t know of a way of getting only ripped CDs. What I have done is to tag ripped CDs as ripped: Then I am able to select for that tag.

Using Focus Inspector Format Qobuz (/Tidal) , push Qobuz(/Tidal) again to reverse and you have all your music stored locally.
If you want to separate ripped files from downloaded files, You will need to do some manual tagging.
I add a ‘Qobuz Download’ tag to all my purchased downloads, so I can select them apart from my ripped CD’s/SACD’s.

… that’s useful information… totally makes tagging each ripped CD individually most stupid action ever…

You don’t have to tag individual CDs.

  1. As best you can, right-click on the albums that are ripped CDs. You will see in the upper left corner a count of the selected items.
  2. To the rightmost of the count, click on the 3 vertical dots.
  3. Click on Add to Tag.
  4. Click on New Tag, or if you’ve created a suitable tag already, click on that existing tag.
  5. If New Tag, create it.

Now all the selected items have that tag. Repeat as needed.

Thanks for all the suggestions folks, I used the method outlined in post #3 of this thread and I was able to accomplish what I wanted to. It’s now bookmarked and I can easily return to just the CDs I’ve ripped.

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