How can I do a clean re-install (on Mac)?

My initial/trial install of Roon has run into a number of sync problems with my music library, and my Tidal account.

I’m going to clean up my Tidal library manually (using the Tidal app, not Roon).

Then, I would like to do a complete/virgin re-install of Roon.

How do I do that? What do I need to delete/uninstall first, so that Roon will completely rescan my local library (and tidal favorites), and rebuild a new roon-db from scratch?

In addition, I would like to locate the new Roon db on a mounted media volume (that I mirror), if possible- is there a way to put it there during the install? (Currently it’s installing in $HOME/Music, or thereabouts, which is on my system SSD.)

Thanks for your assistance.